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  From our Puff Pastry Apple Turnovers to our Chocolate croissants and Eclairs - we love our Pastries at Loafin! We also carry several other types of pastries including our freshly made (and quite large) Cinnamon Rolls.

Apple Turnovers

Pie Tarts - Open faced pie tarts made with DJ's famous pie crust, topped with fruit filling (Apples, Blueberry, Cherry and Peach). We finish each one with a drizzle of icing.

Pocket Pies - We replicate our large pies into these mini pocket pies. Grab and go - our pocket pies can be held in your hand as you eat your dessert on the run.

Chocolate Croissants - puff pastry formed into a croissant loaded with chocolate! A treat you do not want to pass up!

Eclairs - Cream puffs piped with Vanilla Cream centers or a whipped icing and topped with Chocolate. How can you eat just one?

Cinnamon Rolls - Our home made cinnamon rolls are sometimes topped with a Pecan Slur, Cream Cheese Icing or with a white icing glaze. Best eaten when warmed or fresh out of the oven!